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Lowest Prices on Hospital Beds

November 17, 2011

 Medical bed and hospital beds

Hospital Beds

Introducing the new Patriot Full-Electric
Homecare Hospital Bed with a grid sleep surface!

Designed and engineered by the same team who develop the GF Long Term Care

Sleep surface is MADE IN THE

Hospital Bed – 3 Motor Fully Electric High Low Medical Beds

The single-motor design homecare hospital bed is now available
in a full-electric/low version. The Patriot Full-Electric Homecare
Hospital Bed
offers the same features as the Patriot
Semi-Electric Homecare Hospital Bed
with the additional feature
of electric height adjustment. This makes it easier for caregivers to raise
and lower the bed for patient care and linen changes. The
electric height adjustment also enables the patient to easily
position the bed for maximum comfort. The Full electric model can be adjusted
to be a conventional height homecare bed OR a low bed for better inventory

Patriot Hospital Bed and Medical Bed Mattresses

America’s Best Built Hospital Bed

Product Sheet – Patriot Full-Electric_Low Homecare Hospital
Patriot Manual Hospital Bed
Product Sheet – Patriot Full-Electric_Low Homecare Hospital

of Patriot Hospital Bed

Medicare Hospital Bed

Paperwork for a Hospital
– Please call Jay Rajendra 800-727-1954

How Medicare works:  If you have Medicare and a Secondary
you can get a Semi-Electric Hospital Bed at no cost to you.  The price
includes a Standard Foam Mattress.  Medicare will
not pay for the 3rd motor, fully
electric hospital bed.  If you want this feature, we
charge you only $300.00.  If you want an upgrade mattress (just like
we put on our Adjustable Beds) there is an up-charge here too.  It is
“pretty” easy to qualify for Medicare to get a Medicare Hospital Bed.
Please call Jay Rajendra 800-727-1954.  You’ll Be Glad You Did

See also

Bariatric Heavy-Duty
& Disability Electric Hospital Beds with Medical Bed Trendellenburg,
Reverse Trendellenberg & Cardio Recline
 Medical Beds allow
you to electrically elevate your back and your legs; and medical beds allow
you to raise the whole bed up and down; Medical Beds allow you to go into
Trendellenburg and Reverse Trendellenberg; and offer you Cardio Recline
positions.  Whether to relieve strain and stress off muscles, bones
or nerves; skeletal, respiratory and circulatory systems, Medical Beds are
the ultimate in comfort.  Please call Elaine Latham at 800-477-0248.
You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Please call 800-477-0248
Ask for Elaine Latham
Bariatric Hospital Bed Specialist

Medical Beds
.  Please contact us for our complete line of Bariatric
Medical Beds

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